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DBT for Adults

We offer a comprehensive Adult DBT Program, aimed at people 18 years old and above, who struggle with intense emotions, impulsive behaviors, relationship problems, and suicidal/ parasuicidal behaviors. Our program consists of individual therapy, skills training, and access to telephone consultation.

1. Individual Therapy

Each adult is assigned to an individual psychologist who is the primary therapist for his/ her individual treatment. Individual therapy takes place once a week for 45-50 minutes. The goal of individual therapy initially is to achieve a therapeutic alliance between the primary therapist and client, in order for the client to stay motivated both to remain in therapy and achieve his/her own personal goals.

The primary therapist is also responsible for helping the client to identify and understand problematic behaviors and skills deficits. The therapist and the client can identify client’s problematic behaviors via the Diary Card, a tool to observe emotions and behaviors on a daily basis. Once problematic behaviors are identified, the primary therapist helps the client to understand his/ her problematic behaviors through Chain Analysis, a tool that helps the client to break down the steps that led him/ her to the problematic behavior. When the client understands how a problematic behavior has developed, the primary therapist assists the client in applying problem-solving skills in order to modify the behavior.

At present, we do not provide DBT individual therapy via phone or videoconference.
The cost of individual therapy varies by provider.

2. Skills Group

Along with individual therapy, we offer Adult Skills Group Training (ages 18+). The Skills Training Group takes place once a week for 2.5 hours and follows a 24-48-week format.

Skills training adopts a psychoeducational approach with a maximum of seven and a minimum of two participants. Adult group skills are run by a leader and a co-leader.

Adults are taught four skills in 24 sessions (approximately six months). Participants begin training with Mindfulness, which is the basis for the other skills.

The mindfulness module is taught repeatedly throughout the skills training program, always preceding the introduction of a new skill. See the table below for each of the other modules. To enhance skills, skills are repeated in an additional cycle of 24 weeks.

Module                                            Weeks

Mindfulness                                          2

Interpersonal effectiveness                 5

Mindfulness                                          2 

Emotion Regulation                             7

Mindfulness                                          2

Distress Tolerance                                6

Find more on the skills in the section “About DBT”.

For the present moment, we only accept clients in the full program.

Adult Skills Group (in Greek): Tuesday 5:00-7:30 pm

Location: Our Adult Group Skill Training is held at “Makarios III Avenue 92, Aphrodite building, 1st floor, 1077 Nicosia”.

The cost for Adult Skills Group Training is 600 euros for 24 sessions (6 months). Participants pre-pay every four sessions. Group skills sessions are nonrefundable.

3. Telephone consultation

We understand that the instances when people need to use their new skills may not occur during individual therapy or group skills training. Therefore, participants are free to contact their primary therapist, when in crisis, in order to generalize skills to their natural environment.

Telephone consultation is provided at no additional cost. Details regarding telephone consultation are provided by each individual therapist based on their availability.

4. Therapists’ consultation team meetings

Consultation team meetings are held weekly for 1.5 hours and aim at enhancing the skills and motivation of therapists providing treatment within the program.

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