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Dr. Filia-Anna Christodoulou, Registered Clinical Psychologist (Registration no. 409)

Dr. Christodoulou received her B.A (Hons) Psychology from Hofstra University, New York, USA. She received her Masters degree from the University of London in Child Development before pursuing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cyprus. Dr. Christodoulou’s doctoral dissertation focused on the role of attachment, emotional intelligence and emotional availability of parents in relation to characteristics of Borderline personality disorder in adolescents. 

As part of her doctoral programme, Dr. Christodoulou was trained mainly based on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model. Moving forward, she received training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy from Behavior Tech, USA, as well as in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) from Dr. Robert Elliott, co-founder of EFT.

Dr. Christodoulou has worked as an Early Intervention Officer at the Committee for the Protection of People with Mental Disabilities. Additionally, she was employed by Social Welfare Services, where she worked mainly with children/teens in care, including unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. Dr. Christodoulou’s clinical training included providing psychological services to members of the military services at the Military Hospital, individuals with drug use (Ithaki Counseling Centre), and also to children and adults facing a wide range of difficulties (e.g. mood disorders, behavioral difficulties, etc) She worked for several years as Head of the Family Therapy department of Ithaki Counseling Centre, providing therapy as well as coordinating the programme and services. At present, Dr Christodoulou works in the private sector, providing psychological services to children, adolescents, adults and couples. Additionally, for the last few years she is employed as a clinical supervisor at Ithaki Counseling Centre and the Centre for Mental Health of the University of Cyprus, where she supervises graduate students who are doing their practicum as part of applied psychology programmes. Dr. Christodoulou also has a particular interest and love for teaching and has taught undergraduate and graduate classes at various universities (University of Cyprus, European University, UCLan Cyprus).

Dr. Christodoulou is one of the founding members and the team leader of DBT Cyprus.

Dr. Mariza Hadjicharalambous, Registered Clinical Psychologist (Registration no. 404)

Dr. Mariza Hadjicharalambous is a registered Clinical Psychologist (#404). She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Cyprus, her master’s degree in Research Methods in Psychology from the University of Southampton (UK), and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cyprus. In accordance with the Science-Practitioner model, through all the years of education and beyond, she has worked in research programs (Cyprus and Europe) at the Developmental Psychopathology Lab (University of Cyprus). These research programs were centered around adolescents’ psychopathology, problem behaviors, emotional difficulties, and forensic psychology.
Based on a belief in lifelong learning, she often attends seminars, conferences, and workshops, keeping the balance between the science of psychology and clinical practice. Some of the trainings include Intensive Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (2018), online training on Skills Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (2018), Exposure and Response Therapy (2015), Cognitive-behavioral Couples Therapy (2017), “Parent-Child interaction therapy”, and “Parenting the Strong-willed child”.
She has worked in several placements in Cyprus, such as public services and Counselling center, and in the USA at the McLean psychiatric hospital (Boston). She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults, in individual and group settings.
During her Ph.D., she developed her love for balance between acceptance and change in behavior, emotions, and thoughts, and by extension for Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She started several times to learn and train in DBT through books and journals, since in 2010 DBT in Cyprus was not a very known therapy among psychologists. During her practicum at the McLean Hospital (2015), she was able to teach DBT Group Skills in a general clinical population and specific clinical population. In 2018, she completed the online training of DBT Group Skills, organized by Psychwire and Behavioral Tech, while a couple of months later, she attended the Intensive Training of DBT in Greece, organized by Behavioral Tech and Greek Company of Behavioral Research. Since 2018, Mariza is one of the co-founders of DBT Cyprus.

Dr. Myria Ioannou, Registered Clinical Psychologist (Registration no. 677 )

Dr. Myria Ioannou graduated from the University of Cyprus with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. During her post-graduate studies she also received a Master of Science in Children and Young People's Mental Health and Psychological Practice from the University of Edinburgh. Meanwhile, part of her clinical practice was completed at the McLean Hospital of Harvard University in Boston. Her main research interests focus on the management of psychological trauma in children and adolescents and on the development of psychological resilience. She works as a Special Research Scientist at the University of Cyprus and as a psychologist for addictions and a coordinator of the family sector at the Prevention and Counseling Centre "Ithaki" of KENTHEA (Centre for Information about Drugs and Treatment of Addicted Persons) and also collaborates with Resilient Lives Centre to provide psychological support at an individual and group level. She has participated in the DBT Cyprus team since September of 2019.

Georgia Zacharaki, MSc,  Clinical Psychologist Trainee

​Georgia Zacharaki completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Cyprus (Department of Psychology) graduating in 2015 (BA in Psychology). She then completed her postgraduate studies in Medical Genetics at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics in Nicosia, earning her Master of Science in Medical Genetics in 2017. In the same year, she was accepted to the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate and Research Assistant in the Developmental Psychopathology Lab (Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus).
Her research interests focus on externalizing behaviors, in particular, on the development of Callous Unemotional Traits and the relationship between neurobiology (genetics and psychophysiological measurements) and the environmental factors for the development of these characteristics as well as for other forms of psychopathology.
At the same time, as a Special Scientist at the University of Cyprus and the University of Nicosia, she is teaching undergraduate courses to students.
As a Clinical Psychologist Trainee, she has successfully completed her Clinical Practicum providing counseling and psychological therapy for several mental health difficulties (under supervision) at the Mental Health Centre of Aglantzia and Hope For Children. She is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy and the Cyprus Psychological Association.
She has participated in the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Cyprus team since September 2019 and she has completed successfully the Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy in November 2021, which was organized by Behavioral Tech. She was the Leader of the Skills Group for Adults from May 2021 until April 2023 and she was the Leader of the Skills Group for Adolescents from March 2022 until September 2022.
Recently, she was trained in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) from Dr. Robert Elliott, co-founder of EFT, and Dr. Christina Michael (Level 1 EFT Training and Level 2 EFT Training).

Eleftheria Tsavou, MSc,  Registered Clinical Psychologist (Registration no. 579 )

Eleftheria Tsavou is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (license number 579). She received her first degree in psychology and her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the European University of Cyprus.  In the context of her practical experience, she completed placements at the “Agia Skepi” Therapeutic Community, the Center of Applied Psychology and Personal Development (Kepsypa), and the Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital. Her research interests focus on Substance Abuse with a specific interest in emotional intelligence and personality traits in people with drug misuse disorders.
Ms. Tsavou currently works as a Clinical Psychologist in the private sector providing mental health services. She has been a member of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Cyprus Consultation team since October 2019 and she completed successfully the Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy in November 2021. She was the co-Leader of the Skills Group for Adolescents from March 2022 until September 2022. Currently, she is the Leader of the Skills Group for Adults.

Dr. Chara A. Demetriou, Registered Clinical Psychologist (Registration no. 542)

Chara A. Demetriou, Ph.D. is a licensed School/Educational (#230) Psychologist and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (#542) from the University of Cyprus. As part of her postgraduate studies, she has also completed a Master in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from the Institute of Child Health of the University College London, University of London. Her research interest focuses on the field of Developmental Psychopathology and the study of antisocial behavior and behavioural problems indicated by young-aged children. As part of her research, she aims to understand the mechanisms in a child’s environment and emotional development that lead to antisocial behavior. She works as a Special Scientist at the Mental Health Center of the University of Cyprus and the Youth Board of Cyprus. She is the newest member of the DBT Cyprus Team specializing in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy from March 2020. She was the Co-leader for the Skills Groups for Adults from June 2021 until April 2023.

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